59th RAVENS Server mission rotation update

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59th RAVENS Server mission rotation update

Post by Tigerman on Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:09 am

1.5 server is now rotating:
-Training day
-Training dusk
-Naval blockade
-Cold war
-Mass War
-New dawn

Changes every 2 hours

Training map now has:
follow your waypoints and take out air defenses and targets , they consist of sams, aaa, fixed aaa, tanks, and static planes

(look for planes with sead before the name.
Su25 wp1 & 2 are 12nm from the edge of the engagement zone.
All other planes wp2 is the Mock airfield and wp3 is the town

--ww2 ai --
now they shoot back, they auto respawn once killed

--BVR ai--
they auto respawn

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